Officiating Memorable Weddings for More Than Three Decades

You'll spend a lot on your wedding.

You'll spend a lot on your wedding.
Don't settle for a "blah" ceremony.

Nothing's worse than a nothing-special wedding ceremony.
It's over in a flash. Or it's perfunctory and formulaic. Either way it's forgettable.

I know what you’re thinking: I don’t want to spend a small fortune on my wedding and then have it be over in five minutes! This is the biggest day of my life! I want it to feel special! I don’t want some minister judging me or some disengaged magistrate quickly mumbling a few meaningless words!

Believe me, I understand. That’s why, for 30 years as an ordained minister, I’ve helped couples “tie the knot” in memorable and personal ways. I love weddings. I believe they should help launch couples into the beautiful adventure of marriage. At least 1,600 times I’ve officiated wedding ceremonies that attendees agreed were special and deeply meaningful.

Let’s create an unforgettable wedding ceremony that will make everyone smile. A stress-free experience where you’re able to enjoy all the little moments of your big day:
the goofy grins of the groomsmen, the twinkle—or tear—in your sweetheart’s eye, the loving look a parent gives you. I believe you deserve a ceremony that’s as unique and special as your relationship.

Here's how to get the wedding you really want:

  1. Schedule a no-obligation coffee meeting. Mornings or evenings...or we can FaceTime around your schedule.
  2. You decide if we're a good fit. Tell me your "love story," ask any questions, etc. After that, if you decide we're a good fit, I won't say no. (That's because I care more about your future than your past!)
  3. I help you plan (and pull off) a memorable and unique ceremony. In a thoughtful, meaningful way, we'll create a fitting celebration of your new life together.